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I was reading an old post from Dean Groom’s blog called I Can Fly and one of his points was

“that we need to we need to be asking them questions that they can’t Goolge the answer in under 3 seconds.”

I find it interesting that although I agree with many of his points and thoughts, this one line is the comment that really stands out for me.

It makes me wonder and question “How much of my everyday questioning to my students is just a simple comprehension response?” In my HSIE and Science units this term, I’m sure that I haven’t extended their thinking beyond the simple recalling of facts which could be answered in 3 seconds by Google.

There is just so much information about questioning techniques out there available to us all and I feel that over the next few weeks, I will need to look into my use of questioning and how to improve it beyond recalling facts.


I thank you Dean for highlighting the important fact that students need to be able to wonder and think beyond what they can google in 3 seconds. 


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